Tonal Music is a year-long, hands-on study of the grammar of tonal music, with a particular focus on harmony and counterpoint. Assignments include exercises in four-voice harmony in choral and keyboard styles, exercises in two- and three-voice species counterpoint, the composition of original pieces for small chamber combinations, as well as frequent formal analyses of standard masterpieces from the literature. Students are required to sing and/or play their assignments in class. Prerequisites: FNAR 1023 with a grade of B or better, or permission by the instructor. Recommended co-requisite: FNAR 2813-2823.

In this class, which can be taken sequentially for up to six semesters, students perform, arrange, compose, conduct, and teach music. The scores are composed from scratch, or selected from any styles or historical periods and adapted to the skills of the individual students. All participants are encouraged to explore new instruments and roles within the group (perform, compose, conduct, instruct). Assignments include reading and rehearsing scores, creating ad-hoc arrangements to adapt the music to the available instruments, composing new pieces, researching the music and composers studied, giving teaching demos to beginners, participating in public concerts of chamber music, given through the semester, and sharing music with the outside community.