A general interdisciplinary introduction to Irish society and culture. This course will provide a generalist overview of of the unique characteristics of the island and its people.

In the nature of a survey, this course will examine “the arts” with reference to the concept of Irish Identity. These classes will introduce you into the concept of Irish culture, establish culture import through images, teach you to evaluate the idea of Irish culture, delve into finding it through Ireland’s relationship with paintings, architecture, folklore arts (such as lace making, knitting, pottery, crochet, etc ), music, dance, food, drink and film. By looking at Irish poetry, paintings, music, religion, architecture, film, food and tourist arts, this course will highlight specific and emblematic examples of the interdependence and cross fertilization of perception and culture. Best of all, we will deconstruct your views of Ireland and look at things from a different perspective, always trying to find that third side of the coin.