This course explores the development of modern techniques, technologies, and social systems for the purposes of making war. It also asks how wars change societies, technologically, socially, and structurally. We will pay attention to technology and changes in military strategy, but we will also look at non-combatants as “users” of technology.

Together in this journey, we will explore the inter-relationship between technology, science, war, and society with an emphasis on the ways in which war and war technology changes society and vice versa. We will consider how technology impacts military strategy but also consider the impact of military technology on society. We will consider issues of significance, continuity and change, cause and consequence, perspective, the ethical dimension, and evidence to make connections between past and present. Although the course is organized more or less chronologically, we will consider the above six concepts and make connections between past and present throughout. 

Science and technology are woven into every aspect of human existence today. This course provides students with the concepts and skills required to examine the interrelationships between science, technology, culture, and environment. Students will become familiar with the premise of Science and Technology Studies that the things we build influence how we function biologically and socially and, in turn, social, political and economic forces shape the types of scientific knowledge and technologies we find around us in the world today.

Students in the course will consider questions such as: What is STS all about? What is science? Is science special? How can we study and evaluate the impacts of technological change on people and the environment?



This course explores controversial issues involving science and technology in order to investigate the underlying dynamics of science and technology themselves since it is during controversies that the normally hidden social dimensions of techno-science become more explicit. Students will engage with case studies relating to controversies in scientific research ethics and controversies linked to social media. Through these case studies students will come to appreciate the social, political, and ethical struggles embedded within science and technology.

This course invites students who are majoring or honoring in STS to further develop an integrative understanding of the core theories and various branches of the dynamic field of STS through an advanced study of the theoretical roots and current trends in the discipline.