Course Objectives:

-       To introduce you to the subject matter of sociocultural anthropology. As you will see practical use can be made of knowledge in all of the four sub-fields of sociocultural anthropology. Job opportunities within the four subfields will be referred to throughout the course. This course is designed to allow you to discover your own areas of interest within the broad sub-fields of the discipline.

-       To foster understanding of the ways of thought and lifestyles different from our own. By learning about other societies, we learn about ourselves. You will be exposed to a frame of reference that can lead to greater insight into your own way of life and a deeper appreciation of ways of life in other societies.

-        Our core text Guest, Kenneth J.  2014. Cultural Anthropology: A Toolkit for a Global Age. 2nd ed. W. W. Norton and Company Ltd. together with lectures will show how anthropologists isolate and interpretthe patterns and structures humans reproduce in their daily lives as members of communities, societies and cultures. Readings in the on reserve in the Harriet Irving Library will illustrate the use of anthropological methods and concepts in the analysis of human life.

 -       Through lectures, case studies, reading materials and assignments you will learn to critically apply what you have learned.