This is a required course for honours sociology students. During this course, students will work on developing the skills of a professional sociologist, including practical research skills, and the skills necessary to complete their honours thesis. To aid in this, professionals from the university will work with you on issues associated with navigating the library, literature reviews, note-taking, annotation, organization of writing, time management, research ethics, and knowledge dissemination. Members of the university community will also offer advice on applying to graduate school and preparing a curriculum vitae/job resume. The instructor will bring in former graduate students to answer questions about the research process and help assuage concerns you might have about the process.

This course is designed as a tool to help demystify the academic research process and offer support and guidance (from both peers and faculty) to honours students. Each week students will be expected to attend class, bringing at least three drafted pages (in hard copy) for their fellow students to review and offer feedback. As this class is workshop-based, students will need to come to class prepared to discuss their research progress, challenges, and successes with their classmates and the instructor. Students will need to be able to engage in respectful and thoughtful discussions with their peers about their research, keeping in mind that each student’s research unfolds in diverse ways and at different speeds.

By the end of the course, students should aim to have a completed and approved thesis proposal and ethics application (if required). Students should aim to have started data analysis by the end of the course.