The Calendar description of SENIOR SEMINAR states: “The senior seminar is a one-semester course, required for a Major degree in sociology, which is to be taken in the final year of study. The course is organized around substantive issues, with different sections devoted to various topics. The issues are addressed as puzzles or lines of inquiry that explore current concerns. Students are expected to bring the knowledge they have acquired of the competing traditions of sociological inquiry to bear on the theme. This course will be conducted as a seminar, with students taking responsibility for researching, presenting, and discussing material.” (

SOCI-4013 has two sections. Ours is A. This seminar is an interdisciplinary study of many works (e.g., newspaper articles, documentary films, artistic expressions) related to Orientalism, Islamophobia, and postcolonial resistances in our ever-changing world. It has a strong focus on a sociological understanding of the issues presented. By analyzing social practices as represented in a wide range of materials and expressions of postcolonial pop culture, we develop a critical understanding of Western perspectives concerning Islam, Muslims, and “the Orient.”