Today, in varying forms and degrees, many countries are witnessing crime and deviance, suicide, poverty, divorce, homelessness, unemployment, corruption, violence, terrorism, pollution, (undocumented) migration, and identity-based discrimination such as gender, social class, sexuality, and race and ethnicity. Are you interested in joining on-going conversations focused on understanding and responding to these issues? This course allows students to enter a like-minded community of thinkers – classical and modern – bonded by their commitment to addressing social issues in a unique discipline called sociology. In this course, students will develop a practical understanding of social action, social order, social change, and social problems and policy responses. We will also discuss how socialization shapes our attitudes, behaviors, and social actions and inactions, and how our identities (e.g., racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, class, and nationality) affect our life chances by granting us privileges or disadvantages. The course will help students understand the connections between private and public troubles. Students will thus grasp central theoretical and methodological debates in sociology and the relationship between the individual and society.