Topic Name Description
Handouts File APA Style

APA Style

File APA Style - Online Sources

APA Citation Style - Online Sources

File APA Formatting

APA Formatting

File ASA Style

ASA Style

File ASA Formatting

ASA Formatting

File Chicago Style - UPDATED

Chicago Citation Style

File Chicago Style - Online Sources - UPDATED

Chicago Style - Online Sources

File MLA Style

MLA Style

File MLA Style - Online Sources

MLA Style - Online Sources

File MLA Formatting

MLA Formatting

File Bluebook (US)
File McGill Guide (Canada)
File AAA Style Guide (original)

AAA Style Guide (original)

File CJPS Style

CJPS Style

File Finding Resources through UNB Libraries Website

Finding Resources through UNB Libraries Website

File Research Notes (for handwritten notes)

Research Notes

File Research Notes (fillable PDF)

Research Notes (fillable form)

File Plagiarism


File Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Summarizing and Paraphrasing

File Using Quotations

Using Quotations

File Essay Organization

Essay Organization

File Essay Outline Template
File Essay Organization Checklist
File Thesis Statements - NEW
File Compare/Contrast Essays

Compare/Contrast Essays

File Compare/Contrast Essay Outline Template
File Argumentative Essays

Argumentative Essays

File Developing an Argument

Developing an Argument

File Argument Pitfalls

Argument Pitfalls

File Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliographies

File Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews

File Personal Statements

Personal Statements

File Your Thesis in a Nutshell
File Active vs Passive Voice
File Adjective Clauses - UPDATED

Adjective Clauses

File Apostrophes - UPDATED


File Articles - UPDATED
File Capitalization
File Clauses


File Colons


File Commas - UPDATED


File Connecting Words

Connecting Words

File Dangling Modifiers

Dangling Modifiers

File Dashes
File Hyphens
File Sentences
File Sentence Errors - UPDATED

Sentence Errors

File Empirical Reports in Psychology

Empirical Reports in Psychology

File Generating Ideas about Art

Generating Ideas about Art

File Using Sources in Journalism - NEW
File Writing in Journalism

Writing in Journalism

File Writing in History

Writing in History

File Commonly Confused Words
File Including Identity & Avoiding Bias - NEW
File Tips for Writing Clearer Sentences

Tips for Writing Clearer Sentences

File Common Barriers to Writing
File How To Write More
File Study Tips
File Writing in Groups - NEW
Presentation Slides File Intro to MLA Style (ESL 2213 - Arthur James)
File Intro to APA Style (ESL 2223 - Arthur James)
File Intro to MLA Style (ENGL 2013 - Kathy Mac)
File Essay Structure & MLA Style (POLS 1003 - Tom Bateman)
File Finding & Citing Sources in APA Style (POLS 1603 - Gerard Horgan)
File 10 Tips for Stronger Essays