Topic outline

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  • Assignment 1 (Sept 11) - Assignment 2A (Sept 13) - Assignment 2B (Sept 20)

    1: Complete the Student Information Sheet and Term at a Glance. The term schedule should contain all the important dates such as assignments, mid-terms and tests/exams. (Sept 11).

    2A: Complete the Time Log Worksheet - remember to do this daily - you should to look at it a number of times a day to make sure you are recording ALL your activities (be honest with yourself and record everything as accurately as possible!). (Sept 13).

    2B: Complete the Goal Setting Sheet. The idea is to pick four goals for the week, then choose one that is more difficult or time - consuming to  to accomplish. Make sure you have a copy of this as we will be discussing the results in class (Sept 20).

  • From Surviving to Thriving

    "This resource can help you move from merely surviving your post-secondary experience to actually thriving by helping you build resilience and plan for stressful situations. Developing a plan to get through potentially stressful situations can have a positive impact on both your personal and academic life" (From Surviving to Thriving, p.2)