At STU you have two sets of IDs and PWs

A STU email ID and PW
A STU Computer Network ID and PW (this one and the Moodle one are the same and are linked) ID and PW.

When you first set up your Moodle Profile, you needed to put in an email address.
Moodle would send an email to whatever address you put in, for you to confirm your Moodle Profile.

Your STU Computer Network ID and PW (what you use to log into a STU computer in a STU lab) is what you use to login to Moodle.

If you need help with your STU Computer Network ID and PW, please go to the Computer Help Desk on the second floor of the building with Tim Horton's in it (James Dunn).
Once you get your Username and password, make sure you try it right there in the computer lab before you leave. That way, if you encounter a problem, you can get help and save coming back.
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