Student Accessibility Services takes confidentiality very seriously. We understand and respect issues of privacy and confidentiality.

Students’ personal information is only accessed by SAS staff on a need-to-know basis. A student’s diagnosis, specific disability, or other personal information is never revealed to student employees (i.e., exam invigilators, note takers, or tutors) without consent of the student. These employees are only given enough instruction to sufficiently facilitate these accommodations. All of our employees have signed confidentiality agreements. These agreements also keep your identity private. A breach of confidentiality may be sufficient cause for immediate dismissal from employment with Student Accessibility Services and other possible disciplinary action.

In addition, professors are not told the nature of a student's disability, diagnosis, or other unnecessary personal information regarding the student's relationship with Student Accessibility Services without student consent. They do not need to know your diagnosis to accommodate you. They will be given an accommodation guide with what you need, but not why or what your situation is. They are told that that your accommodations are confidential.

Last modified: Monday, 4 April 2016, 9:29 AM