How Can I Get Notes

In order to receive note taking services, you must first be registered with Student Accessibility Services  (click here for more info). The SAS will decide based on your documentation if you are eligible for a note taker. If so, the SAS will assign a registered note taker in your class to take notes and they will be made available to you on a timely basis.

Note takers do not have access to your identity or any of your personal information. All SAS note takers have signed confidentiality documents to as part of their contract and cannot disclose any information to professors, other students, or other note takers. If you have reason to believe this has happened, contact the SAS immediately. Once accommodated:

    • update needed

    • Note takers are expected to capture not only what is written on the board, but what is said in class.

    • If there is a problem with the notes, either in that they are incomplete or unsatisfactory in some other way, contact Student Accessibility Services.

    • If you change your schedule or drop a class, please inform SAS immediately.

    • It is your responsibility to attend class regularly. If you do not attend, you will not receive the notes. We understand that due to the nature of some disabilities/conditions students may miss classes. Please discuss with the SAS staff if you think this may apply to you.

    • If your absences are not disability related, please discuss your situation with the SAS or Registrar's Office.

    • Frequent non-disability related absences will result in suspension of services.

    • Please be aware that the notes are intended for you and not to be distributed to other people.

    • The notes become property of the SAS.

As a new alternative to note takers, the SAS is prepared to lend you a SmartPen. The SmartPen records audio as your write, and can playback audio recorded by touching the text you wrote. Notes can then be transferred to a free, downloaded program to allow you to organize, search or share your notes. SAS computers are equipped with this software.

We will instruct you in the use of the Smart Pen. Click here to see an example of the SmartPen being used.

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