How Can I Be a Note Taker?

Note taking is a big part of our operations at the SAS.

We hire a large number of note takers in September. To apply for employment with SAS, please provide a cover letter and resume including relevant experience. In the cover letter, identify you are applying for a note taker position.

Students are assigned note taking assignments within their own classes. All note takers are expected to sign a contract and confidentiality agreement. There is an orientation workshop in September which note takers are expected to attend.

Some guidelines:


    • As of January 2013, all notes are to be typed.

    • Notes are to be uploaded

    • Inform the SAS if you cannot be in class, and give at least 24 hours notice if the absence is predictable. If you will be missing a number of classes, note taking may not be a good job for you.


    • You will be paid $125 at the end of term.

What to do in class:

    • Your job is to capture what is being said in class and not just what is on the board or power point. Please be as thorough as possible.

    • › Write the class name & number, the professor’s name, the date, and the page number on the day’s notes:
      eg. CRIM.2103.A Intro to QualResearchMeth -Dr. Dawne Clarke
      May 2/2011 Pg. 1

    • Date and number each page.

  • On the occassion you are assigned to note take in a class you are not in, introduce yourself to the professor and do not participate in class.
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