Students may require exam accommodations for a variety of reasons. You will be informed about what the accommodation is but not the nature of the disability. Please be assured the SAS reviews documentation before deciding on accommodation.

If your student plans on writing a test with us, they are asked to give you a minimum of 1 weeks notice for quizzes, tests, and midterms (2 weeks notice for final exams). At least 3 days before the exam, you will recieve a reminder email from us. It is then your responsibility to deliver the test to Student Accessibility Services in advance, along with all instructions necessary for invigilation. You may deliver the test in person or by email to

If necessary, please verify the exam content before sending it to SAS as the staff is not able to interpret meaning or content but only administer the exam as is.

The completed test will be placed in your mailbox in a signed and sealed envelope. The test will always be kept in a secure location.If the test is written after business hours, the invigilator will place the test in a locked cabinet or drawer for the night and SAS staff will place the test in your mailbox the following morning. Along with the test, you will receive additional information including the invigilator’s name, the time and location in which the test was written, and any additional notes regarding the invigilation of the test.

Following the exam, unused exams will be shredded or returned as indicated by the professor. Electronic copies of exams will be deleted.

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