Students who submit their resume and sign the invigilating agreement will recieve emails when an invigilator is needed. Typically, the first to respond will invigilate the exam. Only the student hired to invigilate will recieve an email in response.

Please report to the SAS fifteen minutes before your scheduled shift. The SAS staff will inform you of the assigned location and provide you with the test(s) as well as any instructions you may require to invigilate. You will accompany the student(s) to the invigilation room.

Follow the invigilation instructions exactly. If they are any abnormalities, please report them on the form enclosed. Note the time each student begins and ends the test.

Insert the invigilation reporting forms along with the test and instructions in the designated envelope. Ensure the envelope is labelled with the professor’s name, course title, and the student’s name. Seal the envelope and sign your name with the date across the seal.

Deliver the sealed and signed envelope back to the SAS office when all tests are complete. If the exam is conducted after business hours, lock the tests away for the night (usually in a cabinet or a drawer) as instructed by SAS.

It is very important that you take every measure to ensure the student's confidentiality. This is a vital tenent of your invigilation agreement. If you are walking with the student to the invigilation room and are approached, do not disclose that you are going to invigilate. Do not tell anyone who you are invigilating.

The pay is $10.40/hour, which includes 4% vacation pay. Biweekly time sheets can be filled out in financial services (GMH 103) and submitted to Leah Mabie in that office.

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