Tutor coaching through SAS is for help with general academic skills. This can include organization, time management, studying, writing, editing, etc. Students are given a set number of hours per week based on their disability and the recommendations from their licensed health or mental health care provider. The student and tutor coach will determine whether this number of hours is necessary each week. Hours which are not used in one week can be used in subsequent weeks. If you think this will help you, discuss it with the SAS advisor or coordinator.

Students remember:

    • It is your responsibility to check your STU email and to respond to your tutor coach’s messages.

    • You and your tutor coach will schedule meetings and it is your responsibility to keep these appointments.

    • On your first appointment with your tutor coach, bring all of your course outlines so that you and your tutor coach can create a plan for the semester.

    • It is important that you stay on top of your work throughout the semester and inform your tutor coach if you run into any unexpected difficulties.

    • You may choose to schedule one long session per week or several shorter sessions. It will be left up to you and the tutor coach. You may need increased hours during exams.

    • You must sign time sheets for all hours worked with your tutor on a biweekly basis. You are advised to keep track of the actual tutoring hours. You can use up to the amount of hours you qualify for, according to the SAS or your Canada Study Grant.

Tutor coaching through the SAS is separate from subject-specific peer tutoring. If students require tutoring in specific subject areas, they can contact tutors for specific subjects according to the following list. These tutors can be emailed directly.

Click here to see list of subject specific tutors.

Each STU student is allowed up to 2 free hours of peer tutoring a week. These tutors are also students, so try to contact them before exam time so you can get as much time with them as possible. They can help you understand concepts, organize notes, help find and evaluate sources, etc.

Additionally, if a student needs help with a paper (writing, editing, etc) they can take their written work to the Writing Centre. This service can often help you develop skills and work on any challenges you may be facing with paper writing.

The Writing Center is located in Edmund Casey Hall room 102.

The coordinator, Linnette Humble, can be contacted by email at writingcentre@stu.ca , or phone by 452-0480. You can also book an appointment by clicking here

The subject tutors and writing centre are not under the mandate of SAS. If there is a problem with a tutor, please contact Academic Advising.

Last modified: Thursday, 31 March 2016, 10:50 AM