A forum for Summer Hotel staff in St. Thomas University's Conference Services.

A moodle for all Residence Advisors and Residence Coordinators.

A training course for staff working in long-term care facilities.

St. Thomas is now part of Global Brigades, an international, non-profit organization and the largest student-led social responsibility movement in the world. 

STU students will travel to Panama in May 2017 to participate in a Human Rights Brigade. Student-volunteers will assist foreign lawyers with pro-bonocases and hold workshops on human rights in rural communities. 

Throughout the year students will be hosting events, fundraising and community activities as well as participating in hands on learning in the community to aid in preparing them for their 2017 abroad service learning trip. 

This course will provide current RAs with resources and presentations that are relevant to their August training.

The ORS is working on posting application forms for faculty who wish to apply for internal grants. More info to follow...