This Moodle Course offers the basics of House Committee. Course content includes information of how to run meetings, prepare for events and build a community. 

The purpose of this training for the peer support centre is to teach volunteers effective communication between peers and volunteers, active listening, when and how to refer and how to create positive spaces. This training also covers ethical considerations such as boundaries, confidentiality and debriefing. As well as the moodle training, volunteers will have to take QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer) training in order to be volunteers at the peer support centre. 

The Residence Life Staff course offers student staff an online classroom to explore training concepts and explore resources. 

All the tools, strategies, techniques, videos, templates, printables and freebies you need to stay organized and on top of your studies at university!

The pre-departure course goes over a checklist of necessary preparations for students studying abroad and tips for settling comfortably into a new country. It will also cover health, safety, security, how to avoid emergencies and what to do should something arise while abroad.




This course is open to all members of the STU community.

This is the Moodle page of the Student Accessibility Services at St Thomas University.