You have a great story, but how do you communicate that story on paper?  Attend this workshop to tell your story the way it was meant to be told to employers. 

​This workshop is a prerequisite for applying for the STUworks, JOBS, and Office of Experiential Learning Internship programs. You only need to attend once in your university career. ​


Course used for note takers to post their notes for Accessibility clients to access them confidentially. This course will be used for note taking for Winter 2020. 

The Residence Life Staff course offers student staff an online classroom to explore training concepts and explore resources. 

This is the official Moodle page for St. Thomas University's International Exchanges. Here you will find the documentation, information, and quizzes required for your exchange.




All the tools, strategies, techniques, videos, templates, printables and freebies you need to stay organized and on top of your studies at university!

This course is open to all members of the STU community.

This is the Moodle page of the Student Accessibility Services at St Thomas University.