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Page Student Accessibility Services General
Student Accessibility Services 101 Page Making Contact and Getting Accommodated

The who and how of student accommodations at STU.

Page Confidentiality Policy
File Student Accessibility Handbook

The book describes our services and support our office provides.

Common Accommodations Page How can I get notes?

Some students may have difficulty taking notes in class. The SAS provides alternatives to traditional note taking methods including paid note takers or the use of a SmartPen.

Page How can I be a note taker?

Some students may have difficulty taking notes in class. The SAS hires other students to send notes they take in class.

File Exam Request form

Please use this document in place of all previously saved forms. To request a specific exam accommodation, send a copy to your prof and to no later than one week before the test/exam (two weeks for finals).

Page Exam Accomodations-Students

Students may be accommodated in a number of ways. The SAS can provide a quiet space, a reader, scribe, or extra time as justified by the accommodation plan.

Page Exam Accommodations-Professors

Some students require accommodations when they write quizzes, tests, midterms, or exams. We would like to work with professors to allow the student to be successful.

Page Exam Accommodations-Invigilators

On occassion, SAS will hire student employees to invigilate exams for other students.

Page Students

Some students benefit from tutors for general academic skills. The SAS employs people with experience supporting students as Tutor Coaches.

Page Employees

Tutor coaches provide assistance to students with general academic skills. This can include coaching for time management, organizational skills, research skills, etc. Tutor coaches are not experts at a specific subject but are, instead, experienced in academics.

Page Adaptive Technology

The SAS has computers equipped with adaptive technology for writing, reading, and organizing. This is a summary of the equipment which is available. This is not an exhaustive list of technology available and SAS encourages students to come in and discuss available accommodations and assistive technology.

Page Other Available Technology
Page Speech-to-text
  1. This is the starting page for information on speech-to-text software. Under construction.
File Note taking Apps at Glance
File Flashcards and Study Apps at Glance
File Time Management Apps at Glance
File Citation Apps at Glance
File Storage Apps at Glance
Canadian Student Loans/Canada Study Grants Page Step 1: Applying for a Student Loan
Page Step 2: Do you qualify?
Page Step 3: The Medical Assessment
Page Step 4: Applying for the CSG
Page Step 5: Keep Coming Back
Writing Resources Page MLA Format Guide

A guide on the format and citation methods of MLA. 

Page MLA Checklist
A checklist to use to review your papers done in MLA format.
Page APA Format Guide
A guide on format and citation methods in APA
Page APA Checklist
A checklist for APA format
Articles and Resources for Students File EP Guide