If you have a permanent disability you may qualify for:

    • an extra $2,000 per year ain addition to the money awarded through student loans as a grant.

    • If you come from a low-income family you may also receive an additional $250 per month of study.

    • If you come from a middle-income family you may receive an additional $100 per month of study,

    • There are also grants for services and equipment for those students with a permanent disability. These grants are intended to cover the cost of tutoring, note-takers, adaptive equipment, etc. Funds received from this grant will be sent to the SAS to manage and allocate as needed for various accommodations and it will be used to cover the cost for any extra services you may need at STU, including adaptive technology. Many students are also eligible for funding for a computer with adaptive software such as Kurzweil or Dragon Naturally Speaking. You can only be awarded for a computer grant once every five years and grants may be up to $8,000 per year.
    •  To see a list of examples, click here.

      • note: to qualify for this grant, people with ADD/ADHD or a learning disability need to provide a psycho-educational assessment which has been completed within the last five years. Up to $1,200 or 75% of the assessment may be reimbursed once the grant has been approved.

      • Note: If you do not qualify for this grant STU will provide you with a note-taker if necessary. 

To qualify for the grant, you must answer yes to all the following questions:
(taken from CanLearn, 2012).

    1. Do you have a functional limitation caused by physical or mental impairment?

    1. Does this limitation restrict your ability to perform the daily activities necessary to study at university or college? For example, is it more difficult to...
      Complete readings?
      Write exams? Carry your books to class? Attend class? Write long papers? Memorize information?

    1. Is that limitation expected to remain with your for all of your life?

    1. Are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person?

    1. Will you be attending STU for at least 12 weeks?

    1. Will be you enrolled in at least 3 courses/semester? (There is some wiggle room with that one, please speak to SAS for more information)

    1. Are you a permanent resident of a province or territory that issues Canada Student Loans?(Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Quebec work differently. Contact the SAS if you are from these provinces)

If you are unsure about any of these questions, or answer no but think you still may qualify, contact the SAS.

For more information, go to the CanLearn website here .

If, by answering these questions or speaking to SAS you have reason to believe you may qualify, continue to the next step. 

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