The next step is to apply for the Canada Student Grant (CSG). This is a grant up to$8,000 a year for adaptive technology, services or equipment. It is not intended to alleviate costs of tuition, books, or anything else that every student in the program needs. It is meant to get you what you need to equalize your learning opportunities.
The funding can be applied to the following things (this list does not include everything you can use it for):




Note Takers

Computers to run
adaptive technology

Mobility Assistants

Attendant Care
for studies

Adaptive Technology

Bringyour documentation to the SAS and they will fill out and application on your behalf. Your documentation should be as detailed as possible so it is easier tojustify any services you need. You must bring it to the SAS because the CanadaStudy Grant program uses their judgment to say what you need. You can see theform they will fill out here.

Afterthe form is filled out, it is submitted and when approved, the money will besent to the SAS. The SAS will use the money to pay any service providers foryou (tutors, note takers, etc). Cheques for your equipment will be there aswell.

Along the way, if you have any questions, please contact us. We have lots ofexperience with Canada Study Grants.

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